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Frequently Asked Questions

What is servant disease?

1.A serious disease where one can't help but to " serve " people for the duration of the disease. It is only treatable through extreme loss of confidence. . . Or when one gets their ass beat. Guy 1: "You'd better chill before you get your ass beat." Guy 2: "The only person around here that gets their ass beat is your mom..." Guy 2: "I'm sorry !

Was Servetus an orthodox Trinitarian?

Sharply critical though he was of the orthodox formulation of the trinity, Servetus is better described as a highly unorthodox trinitarian.

Did Sir Servetus have access to forbidden religious books?

Servetus could have had access to forbidden religious books, some of them maybe Protestant, while he was studying in this city. In 1530 Servetus joined the retinue of Emperor Charles V as page or secretary to the emperor's confessor, Juan de Quintana.

What did servantservetus think he was trying to do?

Servetus could have thought that he was somehow bringing about the beginnings of the end times by facing those who argued and fought against him.

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