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Frequently Asked Questions

What is servitization and how is it impacting the business world?

At the heart of this is servitization: the shift from traditional business models to an outcome-based, product as a service (PaaS) model. And companies are now being forced to rethink and reinvent their service models to stay relevant. But how is servitization impacting the business world and what must be done to make it work for you?

What is servitization maturity and why is it important?

A critical part of progressing servitization maturity is transforming the business culture to encourage leaders and employees to shift their perception of services from add-ons or giveaways to a valued part of the business model.

Is servitization the answer to the ease of product switching?

Based on current research, servitization appears to be an effective antidote against the ease of product switching. McKinsey & Company reports that while margins on new product sales are typically 10%, aftermarket service margins average 25%. What Is Servitization?

What is servservitization and why is it important?

Servitization is a strategy that product-oriented companies use to enhance and differentiate their competitiveness by integrating services into their overall business model. This shift can be seen on a continuum in which producing and selling products is coupled with a focus on adding services to the offering and ultimately integrating them.