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Frequently Asked Questions

What does servitisation mean for your business?

Put simply, servitisation means applying a service to a product in order to create additional value or a new offering to customers. Providing ongoing, reliable services can be the critical differentiator companies need.

What on Earth is servitization?

Servitization - what on earth do we mean? I promise that it’s quite simple really! At its core, servitization refers to industries using their “products” to sell “outcomes as a service” rather than a one-off sale [1].

What is the difference between service infusion and servitization?

We regard servitization as an overarching concept that includes but goes beyond service infusion, where servitization is defined as the transformational process of shifting from a product-centric business model and logic to a service-centric approach.

Why is servitization growing in popularity?

Conclusion – Servitization is Growing in Popularity. As customers continue to expect additional benefits and long lasting relationships with their dealers, more manufacturing companies will add service contracts to their product sales.