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Frequently Asked Questions

What can Nikasil plating you can depend on?

Nikasil Plating you can Depend on 1 Nickel silicon carbide composite coatings 2 Repair or exchange of used cylinders 3 Power Valve Mods 4 Big bores 5 Single, Monoblock, or Inline cylinders More ...

What is Nikasil coating on a cylinder?

Let's take a look. Nikasil is a nickel-plated silica carbide coating that’s applied to the walls of some engine cylinders. Invented by MAHLE nearly 40 years ago, Nikasil reduces friction and wear, especially in aluminum bores.

What is the best abrasive for deglazing a Nikasil cylinder?

For deglazing Nikasil cylinders, BRM recommends flexible cylinder hones with 240-grit AO abrasive. For cast iron engine cylinders, use silicon carbide (SC) abrasive instead.

What is the turnaround time for nikanikaseal cylinder plating?

NikaSeal Cylinder Plating and Repair Your Performance Plating Headquarters To help you plan ahead for your return to racing, riding or playing, note that our current turnaround time for your cylinder(s) is approximately four(4) weeks.