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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Mamayev Kurgan?

Not far from the center of Stalingrad is Mamayev Kurgan, which is a hill 335 feet high with a view of the city, the district and the eastern shore of the Volga. During the Battle of Stalingrad fierce battles were fought for this place, and control of Mamayev Kurgan passed back and forth 14 times.

What is the significance of the Mamayev Kurgan hill?

The Mamayev Kurgan hill has 200 steps leading to the statue, which symbolize the number of days of the Battle of Stalingrad. ▶ The Pavlov’s House was named in honor of Russian Sergeant Yakov Pavlov, under whose command the building was defended by his platoon during the Battle of Stalingrad.

What happened after the Battle of Mamayev Kurgan?

After the end of the battle Mamayev Kurgan slopes were dug out with pits and trenches, the land was dug up with bombs and mines. Surroundings were covered by the mux of bodies, military equipment, weapons. The density of fire here was colossal: there were from 500 to 1250 bullets and fragments for one square meter.

How many times has Mamayev Kurgan changed hands?

The hill changed hands several times. By 27 September, the Germans again captured half of Mamayev Kurgan. The Soviets held their own positions on the slopes of the hill, as the 284th Rifle Division defended the key stronghold. The defenders held out until 26 January 1943, when the counterattacking Soviet forces relieved them.