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Frequently Asked Questions

Why study the medial temporal lobe?

H.M. not only motivated the development of an animal model of human memory impairment and the subsequent delineation of the medial temporal lobe memory system. As described next, the study of H.M. also led to fundamental insights into the function of the medial temporal lobe and the larger matter of how memory is organized in the brain.

Does the removal of the medial temporal lobe cause Molaison's memory disorder?

Since Molaison did not show any memory impairment before the surgery, the removal of the medial temporal lobes can be held responsible for his memory disorder.

What is the function of the hippocampus in the medial temporal?

The hippocampus serves as a final common pathway for other structures in the medial temporal cortex, such as the amygdala, parahippocampal and entorhinal cortices. Profound amnesia results from bilateral medial temporal lobe lesions.

What happens to the medial temporal lobe during consolidation?

During this period gradual changes are thought to occur in neocortex (memory consolidation) that increase the complexity, distribution, and connectivity among multiple cortical regions. Eventually, memory can be supported by the neocortex and becomes independent of the medial temporal lobe.