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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there rent control in Massachusetts?

Rent control was outlawed in Massachusetts in a 1994 referendum. Hopefully not coming soon. H.1316 An Act relative to the stabilization of rents in towns and cities facing distress in the housing market. MassLandlords opposes.

How much does it cost to manage Cambridge's housing crisis?

In the case of Cambridge in the 70's, the cost was $40 per year for each of the 18,000 apartments under control. In today's dollars, the taxpayer cost of the same program would be $4.4 million annually.

How can the city of Cambridge help renters during covid-19?

The City of Cambridge has assembled housing resources and information to assist renters during this public health crisis. To learn more about the housing resources available during COVID-19, click here .

What is the purpose of rent control?

Rent control is the name given to a broad class of ordinances or laws that seek to restrain rent increases according to a predetermined formula calculated by a government or non-profit rent control board. The motivation is to help low-income households remain in areas experiencing price increases.