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Frequently Asked Questions

How are AA and blocky lava similar?

Aa lava is much more common and is not as picky about the composition of lava flow. Aa lava can be basaltic, andesitic, tephritic, etc. Blocky lava needs more felsic compositions (silica content generally over 55%). Blocky lava is composed of larger blocks than aa lava and these blocks have much smoother surface.

What is block lava?

In lava …of flow, known as a block lava flow. These resemble aa in having tops consisting largely of loose rubble, but the fragments are more regular in shape, most of them polygons with fairly smooth sides.

Can you outrun a lava flow?

Even lava flows with the least viscosity (the least thick), will only flow at a maximum speed of a few kilometers per hour. You can easily out run a lava flow, and that’s why people are rarely killed by them. Building and trees, which are stuck to the ground, aren’t so lucky.