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Frequently Asked Questions

What does NCUT stand for?

National Chin-Yi University of Technology ( NCUT; Chinese: 國立勤益科技大學) is a public university located in Taiping District, Taichung, Taiwan .

Is NCUT NP-complete?

NP-COMPLETENESSPROOF FORNORMALIZEDCUT Proposition 1 [Papadimitrou 97]. Normalized Cut (NCUT) for a graph on regular grids is NP-complete. Proof. We shall reduce NCUT on regular grids from PARTITION: . Given integers x1;x2;...;xnadding to 2k, is there a subset adding to k?

What is a normalized cut?

The normalized cut formulation has a certain resemblance to the average cut, the standard spectral graph partitioning, as well as average association formulation. All three of these algorithms can be reduced to solving certain eigenvalue systems.

How to find the best NCUT–a value for a given partition?

One can take 0 or the median value as the splitting point or one can search for the splitting point such that the resulting partition has the best Ncut–A;Bƒvalue. We take the latter approach in our work.

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