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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all products or brands we compare presented below?

Not all products or brands we compare are presented below. We don’t consider your objectives, financial situation or needs, or provide credit assistance or recommendations. Learn more. To sort and filter and see more products please visit our comparison page.

Why do we support our customers?

"As a company, supporting our customers is at the heart of what we do, and we have been working with the affected individuals to find a solution that works for them as a gesture of goodwill at a very difficult time.”

How did we get here?

So how did we get here? The easy answer is that the economy soured as the world started pulling out of the pandemic. Inflation rose, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates, and that was that. At least that's how tech executives tell it.

Can we complete our mission of delivery?

“I believe we can complete our mission of delivery, repay various debts, eliminate the risks, and start a new chapter on survival, as long as all of us work together and never give up on resuming our construction, sales, as well as operations,” he had said.

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