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Frequently Asked Questions

What desserts are keto?

Coconut teams up with lime for some zesty sweetness in this keto dessert. Coconut is the healthiest of Bulletproof fruits, though limes are Bulletproof-friendly too. These keto bars make a great on-the-go snack, so pack them as a treat for your (or your kids’) lunch, and make your taste buds do a happy dance.

Are sugar free snacks okay on keto?

Are sugar free snacks okay on Keto? Sugar free snacks can be consumed on occasions but typically have no health benefits and may still lead to unwanted side effects. It is possible that your body could respond to sweet tasting foods by producing insulin as a response. This could be highly individualized so self-experimentation is key.

Can I eat desserts on the keto diet?

No, it’s our idea of sweets that causes the confusion. Keto doesn’t forbid sweets, but it prohibits many of the ingredients in traditional desserts. You can’t have anything with sugar and flour.