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Frequently Asked Questions

What does subfreezing mean in a sentence?

Definition of subfreezing : being or marked by temperature below the freezing point (as of water) subfreezing weather Examples of subfreezing in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web But even in that mode, the rover must balance battery conservation against subfreezing temperatures.

What is Def freezing?

DEF freezing was taken into account by the OEMs prior to creating the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems. Therefore, the SCR systems are designed to provide heating for the DEF tank and supply lines; however, if the vehicle is shut down and exposed to freezing temperatures, then it is likely that the DEF will freeze.

What happens to Def when it is frozen?

Since DEF is a mixture of deionized water and urea, it reacts somewhat like water in that it does expand when frozen. DEF freezing usually causes about a 7% expansion. It is important to note that DEF freezing is usually taken into account when creating the packaging and tanks that are supposed to hold DEF.

What is the freezing point of the def def fluid?

Def fluids freezing point is 16 or -16 degrees from what I read I can't remember but if its much colder than that you will start having problems. You also have to factor in driving with new cold air around it constantly it starts freezing pretty rapidly