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Frequently Asked Questions

What is servitization and how can it help manufacturers?

In short, servitization enables manufacturers to improve the reliability of their products, help their customers to obtain superior value, and develop new revenue generating businesses. The technologies needed to start embedding services in B2B and B2C products are available now.

What is servservitization and how does it impact manufacturing?

Servitization is completely reinventing the manufacturing business model. With increasingly complex, high-tech equipment, customers rely on their equipment dealers for service expertise more than ever. Instead of focusing solely on selling a product, manufacturers are redeveloping their strategy to match the increasing needs of customers.

What are the different types of servitization models?

There are three classification servitization models, originally mentioned in a report by Cambridge Service Alliance, that businesses can offer their customers: product-oriented, use-oriented, and results-oriented. To these servitization models, I would argue for a shift towards a new one: customer-oriented.

What is the fundamental principle of servitization?

This definition emphasizes that the fundamental principle of servitization is to understand how the customer (or the customer’s customer) will use your product or service in such a way that it increases the value of your proposition.