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Frequently Asked Questions

What does servitization mean for your business?

In other words, servitization means selling entire solutions instead of just products. The concept of servitization was popularised in the 1980’s as a way for manufacturers to differentiate themselves from their competition and strengthen customer relationships.

What is the meaning of servservitization?

servitization noun The delivery of a service component as an added value, when providing products. Etymology: Irregularly from. Editors Contribution (4.00 / 1 vote) Rate this definition:

How do you integrate servitization into your business model?

When integrating servitization into your business model, offering product-oriented services gives you the most options. Many businesses choose to go the route of offering advice, training, consulting, or help-desk services for product use. This helps their customers efficiently use the product they’ve purchased.

Why is servitization growing in popularity?

Conclusion – Servitization is Growing in Popularity. As customers continue to expect additional benefits and long lasting relationships with their dealers, more manufacturing companies will add service contracts to their product sales.