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Frequently Asked Questions

What is servitization in the digital age?

In today’s digital age of dynamic customer expectations, Servitization has taken on a new dimension with just-in-time manufacturing, timely deliveries, product tracking, omni-channel services, and more.

What is servitization and how can it help your business?

Once a foreign business word, servitization is becoming a common strategy for equipment companies to improve customer satisfaction and grow profits in the manufacturing industry. Servitization is completely reinventing the manufacturing business model.

What are the different types of servitization models?

There are three classification servitization models, originally mentioned in a report by Cambridge Service Alliance, that businesses can offer their customers: product-oriented, use-oriented, and results-oriented. To these servitization models, I would argue for a shift towards a new one: customer-oriented.

What is the scope of servitization?

The scope of Servitization goes beyond merely providing basic services like product support to offering advanced services such as deep integration, product customization and contracts for maintenance. Enabling this requires a large amount of coordination and high investments into innovative R&D programs.