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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a clockmatrix device?

The ClockMatrix family of devices are high-performance, precision timing solutions designed to simplify clock designs for applications with up to 100 Gbps interface speeds. They can be used anywhere in a system to perform critical timing functions, such as clock generation, frequency translation, jitter attenuation and phase alignment.

What is the zl30165 clock translator?

The ZL30165 is the first monolithic Clock Translator in the industry with four independent flexible rate conversion clock channels. Each channel accepts and generates any frequency from 1kHz to 750MHz to support any communication service over optical networks.

What are jitter attenuating clock multipliers?

These jitter attenuating clock multipliers combine fourth-generation DSPLL™and MultiSynth™technologies to enable any-frequency clock generation and jitter attenu- ation for applications requiring the highest level of jitter performance.

Who made the first cuckoo clock?

He related the earliest developments of the first cuckoo clocks around 1730 to 1760, and talked about several of the famous makers of Black Forest clocks such as Theodore Ketterer, Furderer Jaegler, and Johann Baptist Beha. Will shared pictures and examples of finely crafted clocks with the time sounded by bells, cuckoos, quails, and trumpeters.