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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the open GAPPS app?

The official app that enables you to quickly check for the latest Open GApps packages and download them from Permissions requested by the app: The app requires access to the filesystem to be able to download and store the Open GApps packages in your Downloads-folder.

What is Android 12 GAPPS?

As a new version of Android has been released, the custom ROM lovers will seek to install Android 12 GApps to make the most of their devices. GApps stands for Google Applications, is a flashable ZIP file package. It includes all the stock Google apps such as Google Play Service, YouTube, Google Photos. Google Maps, Google Drive, and more.

How to install GAPPS on Android?

You can use any of the two for installing GApps. Boot your device into custom recovery mode (mostly TWRP is preferred) For TWRP, tap on Install and then select the downloaded GApps package from the memory Feel free to ask anything, if you have a doubt or facing problems in any steps.

Do custom ROMs and GSI Zips come with GAPPS?

Most of the custom ROMS and GSI zips do not come with Gapps, also known as Google Apps. Here we have listed Gapps from various developers compatible with the latest Android 12 builds. Gapps, also referred to as Google apps, come as separate packages not pre-installed on custom ROMS due to licensing issues.