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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plot of Simón Bolivar?

In 1819, Gen. Simón Bolívar leads a ragtag army under harsh conditions. Flashbacks reveal his wedding day and his privileged boyhood alongside slaves. 2. Episode 2 Simón gets an unconventional tutor, who proves to be a kindred spirit.

Why are Bolivar cigars called bolivars?

Around 1902, José began producing cigars for the Bolivar brand. The brand is named after the famous General Simón Bolívar. The general is known for his strong and powerful character, which helped him lead several South American countries to freedom from Spain.

Who was Simón Bolivar?

This dramatization depicts the life -- and loves -- of Venezuelan Gen. Simón Bolívar, who helped liberate several Latin American countries from Spain. Watch all you want. Luis Gerónimo Abreu ("El Chema") and José Ramón Barreto ("Para verte mejor") portray the general at two different stages of his life.

What is the difference between Bolivar and Fernández Rocha cigars?

Bolivar happens to be the brand name of two very different cigars. One is produced in Cuba the other in the Dominican Republic for the United States cigar market. Even though they consist of different cigars, marketing, and ownership they both originated from the same man, José Fernández Rocha.