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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between Bing Translator and Google Translate?

Higher the number of languages it translates with the best quality of the primary text. Google Translate’s 100 plus languages whereas Bing Translator supports 60 languages approximately. But before we count a point for Google Translate, it’s important to note that not every language in their catalog has the same level of support.

What languages does Bing Translator support?

When it comes to Bing Translator, it supports 60 languages closely, You can use real-time speech translation only for Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Spanish for example. The majority of the Bing offers the translation of the majority of languages in offline mode whereas Google offers only 50% of its total count.

What languages does Google Translate support?

Google Translate supports translation of 109 languages, but not all language pairs are of equal quality or reliability. Studies have shown that the accuracy in Google Translate heavily favors European languages, such as German, Dutch, and Italian.

What is the best translation service?

Google Translate is arguably the best free translator available, and offers many languages to choose from. Unlike other Google services, you don't need a Google account to use this translation feature. Copy the text that you want to translate from your Word document. Head to the Google Translate website in your browser.