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Frequently Asked Questions

What are counselling microskills and why are they important?

Counselling Microskills are specific skills a counsellor can use to enhance their communication with clients. These skills enable a counsellor to effectively build a working alliance and engage clients in discussion that is both helpful and meaningful.

What is individual focus in counselling?

The first is Individual focus, where the counsellor begins the counselling session by focusing totally on the personal aspects of the client; the demographics, history, and the reasons why counselling is sought, from the client. The counsellor will often use the client’s name, to help bring about total focus on that client.

What is an example of mirroring in counselling?

For example, if at first the client is sitting on the edge of her chair with her arms outstretched resting on her knees the counsellor can reflect or mirror this position.

What are the ‘do’s and ‘Don’ts’ of counselling?

There are several ‘Do’s and ‘Don’ts to be followed in order to have effective counselling: 1. He should develop good relationship with counsellee. 2. Develop mutual understanding, respect for counsellee. 3. Be patient. 4. Listen to the grievances carefully. 5. Develop cooperative attitude. 6. Be simple and have sympathy with the counsellee. 7.