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Frequently Asked Questions

How tall and wide is the Colosseum?

The Colosseum was huge. It could seat 50,000 people. It covers around 6 acres of land and is 620 feet long, 512 feet wide, and 158 feet tall. It took more than 1.1 million tons of concrete, stone, and bricks to complete the Colosseum.

How big is the ancient Roman Colosseum?

The ancient Roman Colosseum was the first free-standing amphitheater. It has an elliptical (oval) plan with a length of 189m (620 feet), height 48m (158 feet) and width 156m (512 feet). The central area of the arena is 88m (287 ft) long and 55m (180 ft) wide.

What were the dimensions of the Colosseum?

Situated just east of the Roman Forum, the Colosseum is a freestanding structure of stone, brick, and marble some 620 feet (190 m) in diameter, holding about 50,000 spectators in three tiers of stands.

What is unique about the Colosseum?

One of the most unique aspects about the Colosseum was the underground section that was underneath the main floor. It has 32 animal pens and 80 vertical shafts that allowed an instant access to the arena so that scenery could be placed or animals could be released to be put on display.