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Frequently Asked Questions

How does HAYSTAC AI work?

AI and data science come together to power Haystac’s advanced content analytics. The engine organizes your unstructured data just like a human, but infinitely faster, far more precise and at scale. Today’s successful businesses are data-driven businesses, who understand the value of access to data.

Why Aytac foods?

AYTAC FOODS IS FIGHTING FOOD WASTE with TOO GOOD TO GO! As Aytac Foods, we are well aware of the importance and the value of food for every living creature. We have a corporate initiative to prevent food waste which has reached critical levels all around the world!

Why choose HAYSTAC Indago™?

Haystac can help. Haystac Indago™ is a comprehensive Enterprise Grade Unstructured Data Analytics Platform. Our platform consists of two parts. Indago for Enterprise. Ideal for Information Governance, Security, Compliance, Privacy and other Content Analytics projects.