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Frequently Asked Questions

What does elixir mean in medicine?

1. A sweetened aromatic solution of alcohol and water, serving as a vehicle for medicine. 2. a. See philosophers' stone. b. A substance believed to maintain life indefinitely. Also called elixir of life. c. A substance or medicine believed to have the power to cure all ills. 3. An underlying principle.

What is an elixir drug?

An elixir is a liquid containing a medicinal drug with syrup, glycerine, or alcohol added to mask its unpleasant taste. Elixirs are pleasantly flavored, sweetened liquids intended to be taken orally. The aim of the elixir is to have a pleasant taste without changing the effect of the medicine.

What does Elixor mean?

elixir(Noun) A liquid which is believed to cure all ills and gives eternal life. elixir(Noun) A sweet flavored liquid (usually containing a small amount of alcohol) used in compounding medicines to be taken by mouth in order to mask an unpleasant taste.