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Frequently Asked Questions

Will open GAPPS work on Android 10?

The Open Gapps packages have been tested working on various custom ROMS like Arrow OS, Pixel Experience, Lineage OS, and more by many developers and users. Stable Open Gapps for Android 10 will soon be available for download. So stay tuned! Open Gapps have been around for a long time now.

How do I download Open GAPPS?

The download link below contains all Open Gapps packages. Click on the download link and select the right package from your phone. If you have a 64-bit processor (almost every modern smartphone), select Platform: ARM64 and Android:10.0.

What is GAPPS Android 10 (Pico)?

Download GApps Android 10 (Pico) For ARM64 Architecture: These packages are for ARM devices based on 64-bit architecture. This is the most common type of architecture on phones these days – launched in the year 2019 and later. Download GApps Android 10 (Nano) Download GApps Android 10 (Pico) For x86 Architecture:

Are open GAPPS compatible with custom ROMs?

Open Gapps have been around for a long time now. So the Open Gapps project can be trusted and compatible with many custom ROMS. Here are the OpenGapps for Android 10 ROMS (SDK29). You also get the option for Android TV as well. Official Open Gapps for x86 (coming soon…) Here are more Gapps for ARM64 from BiTGApps.