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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the broken font?

Broken is a grunge font with two interchangeable sets of uppercase. Its forms are in the Egyptian style of the early- to mid-nineteenth century, and the totality of its setting gives off the impression of a most unfortunate letterpress situation, with badly cut punches, uncontrolled ink spread, and metal shards and slivers strewn all about.

What are block fonts?

Block fonts are a somewhat subjective category of fonts that share certain characteristics. They are easy to read and well-suited for signs and short headlines. Block fonts have strokes that are the same thickness. Strokes are the main lines and curves that form the shape of the letter.

What is block font?

Fonts may be classified as serif or sans serif, meaning that they have or don't have serifs, little strokes or lines at the ends of the long, main strokes (the text you're reading now is sans serif). If block fonts have serifs, these serifs are most often shaped like squares or rectangles and are known as slab serifs.