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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is blocky in BfDI?

Blocky is the second character to do commercials in BFDI, with Yellow Face being the first. Blocky is one of the five char act ers to be seen as a puppet; all of them were shown in " Bowling, Now with Explosions!

What color is blocky?

Blocky is a hardwood toy building block. His top is a bright red, his front is coral, and his shade is maroon.

Who is blocky in total Firey Island?

Blocky, formerly known as Building Block in the first few books of Total Firey Island, as well as in the Firey Character Chart, is a male contestant in Battle for Dream Island and Battle for BFB . In Battle for Dream Island, Blocky competed on the Squishy Cherries until his elimination in " Sweet Tooth " with six votes.

What is blocky's real name?

Blocky is a red hardwood toy building block. "Building Block" was Blocky's original name. Later, he adopts his current name of "Blocky". Blocky is red.