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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an Android 10 custom ROM for open GAPPS?

As of now, the Open GApps team has only released pico and nano packages of Google apps, but the team is working to get the other packages up as well. If you're thinking of flashing an Android 10 custom ROM on your device, you can now download the Open GApps pico and nano packages from the link below.

Which Android 10 GAPPS should I use?

It’s highly optimized for the 64-bit Android 10 based system and devices for optimal performance. If you’re using any AOSP based Android 10 Custom ROM or Lineage OS 17 on your device then the BitGapps-Q will be required. We have prepared a list of all the Android 10 Gapps which would work perfectly for you after you install the custom ROM.

What is GAPPS in Android?

Ans: Gapps are the apps developed by google and comes with most of the Android smartphone. For example Google Assistant, Gmail, Google Keep and Gmaps. How do I choose GApps? Ans: Check which Android version your phone is running (Custom ROM). For Example, If the device is running Android 9 Pie then download Android 9 Pie Gapps. What is open GApps?

How do I download Open GAPPS?

The download link below contains all Open Gapps packages. Click on the download link and select the right package from your phone. If you have a 64-bit processor (almost every modern smartphone), select Platform: ARM64 and Android:10.0.