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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is al-Rashid Trading & contacting company (RTCC)?

Al-Rashid Trading & Contacting Company (Closed Joint Stock Company) was established in 1957 and expanded vigorously in the field of contracting. RTCC was awarded with contracts to build numerous houses, college campus, medical centers, infrastructure, water supply works, and railway project from renowned clients.

Who is Al Rasheed trading?

- One of the leading importer Oriental foods in Saudi Arabia. Whats New? Al Rasheed Trading establishment has signed a contract with well -known Korean company to import its products Al Rasheed Trading Est. operates as food importer and Wholesale establishment with food products imports from the Philippines, Korea, and Thailand.

How RTCC has become a leading national company of Saudi Arabia?

Fulfillments of RTCC s commitments timely and efficiently with QUALITY towards its clients proved her to be competent in the construction sector and became one of the leading national companies of Saudi Arabia. 1. Buildings Sector (Residential, Medical Centers, College Campus and Commercial)