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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Airmatic compressor New Jersey's choice for air compressors and vacuums?

With New Jersey’s largest and most experienced team of service and sales personnel, our commitment to sudden and accurate response is why Airmatic Compressor is New Jersey’s Choice for Air Compressors and Vacuum! All air compressor and vacuum pump brands are not the same and neither is the technology.

What kind of vacuum pump does Airmatic compressor use?

At Airmatic Compressor, we use industry-leading oil lubricated and oil-free vacuum pump technology that is efficient and reliable. This includes: Rotary Screw, Rotary Vane, Dry Claw and Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps – Integrated Variable Speed Drive, Graphic Controller, TEFC Premium Efficient Motor, IP54 Controls – Plug and Play.

What is Airmatic compressor's warranty?

Airmatic Compressor rewards our customers for taking care of their equipment by taking care of them. We upgrade your standard warranty to long-term Bumper-to-Bumper warranty and 10 Year complete care coverage. Lock in your maintenance budget for up to 10 years with our offerings.

What type of compressor is best for my application?

These compressors are recommended for applications that would require duty cycle less than 70% . For duty cycle higher than 70% , we would recommend our lubricated screw air compressor. Pattons Medical sells medical scroll compressors, vacuum pumps, driers and other medical gas equipment.