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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Forfor acraglas?

For Acraglas, as its name implies, is an accurizing material designed for the exclusive purpose of making a rifle shoot more accurately. Granted, it is a superior bedding compound used and sold as such by dealers, stock manufacturers and gunsmiths - but the fact remains: its prime purpose is to accurize a rifle.

How strong is acraglas gel?

Once hardened, Acraglas Gel has tremendous thin strength and shock resistance, and will not crack, craze, or crystalize. Acraglas Gel has a very smooth consistency, and will adhere to nearly any surface. Comes with release agent, dye, and complete instructions.

Why choose acraglas glasses?

Acraglas is acid proof, waterproof, has superior insulating qualities, resists alkalies and will not rot or deteriorate. It is quite well known that many of the so-called “plastic glasses” do deteriorate and products made from them are only guaranteed 5 years. Acraglas is highly resistant to impact and will not dent.

How do you use Acra-glass?

Use acra-glass solvent, and you can thin acra-glass to water consistency without affecting it's other properties. Great for a penetrating sealer/finish. It's tintable with any acrylic tint, which is what paint retailers use to tint all kinds of paint, so you can make it any color.